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Born in St. Paul, Minn., I am the 4th in a family of five girls. My sisters all live in our school district and their children attended our schools.   

After graduating from St. Paul Public Schools, I enrolled at the University of Minnesota. Two years later, I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where I earned a bachelor's degree in Elementary  Education. I also earned MA and EdS degrees from the University of St. Thomas (Minn.).

In 1982, I married my husband and moved to Alexandria, Minn. We have three grown daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson, who also live in Minnesota. I retired in 2015 and moved to Cottage Grove. I was first elected to the School Board in  2017.  

I hope you will vote for me on Nov. 2, so that I can continue supporting policies and programs that help every child experience an excellent education.


What Makes Me a Great Candidate

When I was an elementary principal, I  implemented many new programs to improve teaching and learning. We began All Day Kindergarten six years before the State of Minnesota funded it.


We also accelerated learning using a computer program that students used for 20 minutes a day, three times a week, to learn basic reading and math.


We implemented a social skills and climate program. We retrained our K-3 teachers in early reading instruction using a multi-modality approach.


We implemented a teacher evaluation program based on standards of teaching, using pre- and post-testing to measure student growth. We also wrote continuous improvement plans for each grade.  

Six years after our first cohort of All-Day Kindergarten began, something amazing happened. We closed our achievement gap. 

I testified before a Minnesota legislative committee and shared the data we collected and successes we achieved. Later that year, the legislature funded All-Day Kindergarten for all students.

Twenty years’ experience as a teacher and 19 years as a school administrator make me an excellent candidate for ISD 833's school board. I've also been a board member for four years and currently serve as its treasurer.

I support:

  1. Effective teaching and continuously learning for all students.

  2. Policies and procedures that keep our schools open and students safe.

  3. Adequate funding by the state so that districts are less dependent on their local community to provide additional funds. 

  4. Preschool for all students.